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Writing Your First Post on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous

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Maybe you’re a brand new member to Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous and need a little direction on writing that first blog post or maybe you’ve been a member for awhile and just weren’t aware that you can post your very own blog entries on the site – for whatever reason that you haven’t written your first post yet, this quick little guide will show you how to write that first post, what happens when you write blog posts on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous and how to share your writings everywhere. If at the end of the guide you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to leave us your comments or get in touch with us.

Step #1 – Become a Member

If you’re not already a member on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous, you’ll want to join the site. Registration is quick, easy and completely free. Simply fill out our registration form or use some of your favorite social networking sites to login with. We ask that you allow up to 48 hours for your membership to be approved and then you’re free and clear to start your first blog post.

If you’re already a member, simply skip this step and just login!

Step #2 – Visit the Blog page

You can either click on the Share link, and then click on the Blog link or just click on this handy image (Blog) available along the top of your screen on the site. Now you’re on the blog page. You’ll notice that we have 3 entries per page, our categories are listed in the sidebar and that readers can easily see recent blog posts and our Top Bloggers (ie., the bloggers who post the most). Take a moment to look around the main blog page to see how posts are constructed, what information readers can collect from the sidebar and more.

Step #3 – Add Entry

Right under the blog header title, there is a little link that says “Add Entry“. To start your very first post, click on the link and you will be directed to a page that looks like this:

Add Entry on Blog

First, you’ll want to add your blog post to a category. Currently, we offer 5 main categories and 11 sub-categories for you to post to, and we’re always open for suggestions on new categories. You can post to whatever feels most comfortable for you.

Then, you pick your blog’s title and enter 5 to 10 tags that adequately describe what your post is about. You can find some links in the Discover More section that will help you with these two steps. At this point, you can choose to “Disable Comments“, which will turn off the ability for other members to leave comments and you can “Disable Sharing“.

Sharing buttons will become available on the bottom of your post once you hit publish and allows readers to share your post on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. The buttons even keep track of how many times your post has been shared.

You can also choose to schedule your blog posts or just publish them as soon as you’re done. And after you’ve done writing, you can always choose to save your post as a draft if you’re just not ready to hit publish yet.

Our blog comes with a fully functioning Rich Text Editor, which allows you to do everything from embed flash players, videos from YouTube, and you can easily do all the things you would normally do with a regular blog post editor. You even have access to your HTML, by simply clicking the “Source” button.

Once you are finished writing your post, click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the post editor. You will be taken to a preview of your post, in which you can check to make sure that everything is looking the way you intend it to. If you’re satisfied, you can select to Publish the post, making it immediately available to the public or you can choose to go back and edit the post. You can also choose to save it as a draft post, which you will then be able to see a link to at the top of your blog page (but no one else will know that you wrote anything).

Step #4 – After Hitting Publish

So, you’ve officially written your first post and you just hit the publish button. Now what?

Your post is automatically streamed to our RSS feed and anyone who has subscribed will now get a copy of your post either in their favorite feed reader or straight to their email inbox (depending on their subscription options). Your post will also appear in the top sidebar on Updates from the Head Blog-A-Holic and you’ll also get added to our list of recent posts in our monthly newsletter.

But, you can also share all your posts too! After you’ve hit publish, don’t hesitate to scroll to the bottom of your post and share it on your favorite sites and social networks with the push of a button. Or find the link to all of your blog posts to share all your writings on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous anywhere. And finally, sit back and enjoy you’re newly added post!

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