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[LINKS] 6 More Great Sex Blogs to Follow on Tumblr

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Since we started our Tumblr blog back in February 2012, we have followed many blogs, been followed by a ton of bloggers and shared some incredibly wonderful NSFW content – from videos and .gifs to photos and quotes. In a previous post, we showed off 6 of our favorite blogs to follow on Tumblr, and today we thought it would be wonderful to follow up that post with another 6 great blogs to follow on Tumblr. And don’t let me forget to remind you to follow our Tumblr to get all of our favorite NSFW randomness!

  1. Here Cums Trubble

    We seem to reblog from this particular blog A LOT! One of my favorite things about this particular blog is the quality of the content – it’s not just straight up porn, it’s more artistic in my humble opinion. And it’s not all adult in nature, although that’s the only thing we’re looking at, but it’s a great place for some quality.


    Seriously, don’t ever look at this blog at work! Lots of pictures, lots of .gifs and lots that you probably don’t want other people to know you’re looking at. Unless you do, in which case, we love to reblog these guys, so why shouldn’t you!

  3. Libidinous- An Outlet

    If you’re looking for a way to get your juices flowing, this blog has got your back. The posts are always HOT! HOT! HOT!, the pages are filled with naked ladies and .gifs of great sex scenes and you could literally spend all day masturbating to this blog!

  4. You Know, Art Porn

    When you’re wanting a little bit of vintage, a little bit of retro, a little bit pin-up, you’ll find all the elegant nudity you need here. One thing that I can’t get enough of on this blog is the erotic art. If you were a fan of one of the blogs we posted about in our previous post, Old Erotic Art, you’ll love this blog equally.

  5. Human Pony Play

    Even if you are not interested in Pony Play or any type of Pet Play, the posts coming out of this blog are so beautiful, it won’t matter what type of fetish is being portrayed in them. Not only will you get informative posts about pony play and the blogger’s personal thoughts about it, you’ll also see amazing imagery of this rather interesting fetish.

  6. Maggie’s Big Adventure

    Maggie’s personal blog not only features some really sexy images that she reblogs, but also features some really sexy images that Maggie takes for her Sir (and for us, which we greatly appreciate). It’s also a little more kinky, which we love!

So, there’s 6 of the blogs that we’re currently in love with on Tumblr and we invite you to check them out and follow them. They all offer great content, on a regular basis and they are some of the best Tumblr’s we’ve come across so far. If you know of any other great Tumblr’s that we either need to follow or add to a list such as this, let us know in the comments below or send a link to @LBAnonymous on Twitter.

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