The Erotic Writers Group: Extending Their Reach

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Recently, there has been a lot of action coming from The Erotic Writers Group, which has been spotlighted on our blog before. Created on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous almost two years ago, this group has begun extending it’s reach through social networks such as Google+.

In the next week, this group will be hosting it’s first Google+ Hangout on Air, putting the finished product of two new blogs together, and will begin writing challenges. Lots of big news coming out of this group and we’re going to give you all the sweet details.

The First Hangout

The first hangout ever associated with Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous, The Erotic Writers Group Google+ Hangout on Air “Tuesday Topics”, has been scheduled for July 2nd, 2013 at 9:00 PM MDT. To get all the details you could ever need about this hangout, including how to participate, check this out!

New Blog #1

The Erotic Writers Group on WordPress brings you all the important information about our events, introduces you to our upcoming writing challenges, and shows off some of the hottest discussions and stories our members are sharing.

New Blog #2

So, you’re participating in a challenge and you want to be able to easily submit your writing so that everyone can access it easily. And while we’re using hashtags for most of our challenges, maybe you just want to add it to one more place. Now you can, at The Erotic Writers Group: Challenge Central!

And if you haven’t become a member of The Erotic Writers Group, it’s not too late. Simply head on over to their group on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous or their Google+ Community and you’ll be able to jump in right away. And let us know what you think of all these blogs in the comments below!

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4 comments on “The Erotic Writers Group: Extending Their Reach

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  2. […] The Erotic Writers Group: Extending Their Reach (lbaupdates.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] The Erotic Writers Group: Extending Their Reach (lbaupdates.wordpress.com) […]

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