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What We’re Planning for Summer/Fall 2013

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It has been slow moving over the last few months on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous and for that, we sincerely apologize. There are no excuses which could justify our absence over the last while and for that reason, we won’t bore you with them. However, we are not looking at this downtime as the end-all of our social network and are currently spending this time reflecting on our current site and re-imagining our overall vision and goals for the future of our site.

As you know, for many months, we have been obsessing over a major site re-design. We keep telling you, “It’ll be here around this time” and “We’re working on getting it to you around this time” and still nothing has come of it. This is mostly for financial reasons and we are working out the kinks on this issue as we speak. You can always help by donating, but we completely understand that other people are in the same situation we are.

Our current goal and what looks at this moment to be most realistic is that the site will be going through the re-design sometime in June. Exact details of the re-design will be released when we officially begin it and in the meantime, you can read more about our plans for the re-design here and here.

A major overhaul of our site hasn’t been the only things on our minds and we’ve got lots more planned for the warmer weather. Here’s some of the things you can look forward to:

  • The Forum Will Disappear

    No ForumsAn update from Spruz quite awhile back had mentioned that the Forums would be phased out for the Discussions and we had posted at that time that we would run the two in tandem until the Forums system was taken out. However, it is beginning to get bothersome running them both in tandem the way we are.

    In the coming weeks, you can expect to see conversations from the Forums moved over into the Discussions system and then the Forums will be removed from Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous. Please be patient with us during the transition.

  • Regular Blog Posting

    Regular PostingOur blog posting schedule has been erratic and all over the place and our members haven’t got one either. And while we love that our members post at all, we don’t love that we don’t post more. On all of our blogs, the site, our WordPress and our Tumblr, we will begin a defined posting schedule.

    You can expect to see three posts a day on our Tumblr ranging from pictures to videos, links and text to our favorite .gifs and quotes. On our WordPress blog, we’ll be posting once a week, come rain or shine, giving you the latest updates from Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous. And who knows, if our wonderful members give us enough ammo, we could bump that up to two times a week in no time at all! Finally, on the site, you will see the blog activity increase dramatically as we begin hosting writing challenges in our writing groups, or photo challenges or any of the other number of things we have planned for blog posts – which you’ll just have to stay tuned to learn more about.

  • Stepping Up Our Social Game

    We’ve come quite away from the old days when it comes to the way we play our social media/networking game, but we still have quite a long way to go. Currently, we are active on three major social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Ideally, we will be posting a minimum of 3 times a day on our Twitter – not to mention the fact that posts from our blogs are also added to our Twitter stream, and at least twice a day on our Facebook. Once a day on our Google+ will be better than what we’re doing now, so that’s where we’re aiming for at the moment.

    Not only will our frequency of posting increase on these social networks, but we will also delve into new ways of using these sites. For example, one of our goals is to host a hangout as part of The Erotic Writers Group Google+ Community in the coming months and another example is photo challenges on our Facebook Fan Page – of course, all details of which will be released as they happen.

  • Uploaded YouTube Videos

    Currently on our YouTube channel, you will see lots of videos that we’ve liked, favorited and added to playlists. You will see tons of channels that we’ve subscribed to and people we’re obsessing over. However, you won’t see any original content. We had hoped to have this going sooner but for various reasons haven’t… On our list of priorities, this is coming in at the very end of the game, but we are working on ideas and are constantly dabbling in learning more about how to achieve our vision. You can expect to hear more about this over the coming months.

    The final thing you can look foward to as we come into warmer weather is… drumroll please!

  • We’ll Be Asking for Help and Input… Constantly!

    We’re going to start out by saying, we’re sorry and you’ll be so sick and tired of hearing it. But at any time, please don’t hesitate to leave your suggestions, opinions, comments and advice to let us know what we’re doing right and what we could improve on. We may not be able to do everything and implement every suggestion, but knowing what you want goes a long way in determining what we add.

    And finally, at any time that you think you can offer assistance, whether you think you could do a wonderful video series for our YouTube channel, moderate a group that you’re a member of, help code a section of the site or anything else that you could volunteer your time and skills for, we would gladly and willingly accept those offers. You can always get in contact with me if you think that you’ve got something to offer.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who have stuck with us through our trials and tribulations thus far and am excited to see who’s with us when we come out on the other side of this. It’s been a slow start to 2013 for us at Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous, but we’re going out of this year with a bang. What do you say… you in?

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