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The Blog Everyday Challenge

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The Blog Everyday Challenge

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Group Description:

Offering motivation and inspiration to keep you blogging everyday!

This Group was put in the Spotlight because…

The Blog Everyday Challenge is a great motivator for anyone whose ever wanted to blog every single day for a set amount a time – whether it’s a few weeks, a couple of months or an entire year! It’s perfect for the blogger who wants to run a week-long series on their blogs or the blogger’s who just want something to be accountable to – to get that first, and every, blog post out.

We know that it can sometimes feel like you’re writing to an empty space and it’s easy to give up and walk away for months at a time. Almost every blogging pro out there will tell you that those big long periods of absence are not good for your blog or your brand (which, if you’re a blogger, no matter what you blog about, you have…). The Blog Everyday Challenge will give you a reason to come back to your blog time and time again, because you’ll be getting the encouragement, support, motivation and inspiration you need to keep going.

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The Blog Everyday Challenge Keychain

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I #BlogEveryday Blue Trucker Hat

The Blog Everyday Challenge

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