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Dear Readers,

I know it’s been awhile since we posted and for that I apologize profusely! Firstly, we just went through a huge round of the cold-from-hell. Roughest and toughest cold in the world, I swear it! But mostly, and the reason why I’m writing this to you today, is that we’re having a difficult time posting all our latest and greatest updates, when there’s not too much to update you on.

This is my personal plea, to all you members and all those of you who aren’t members yet, we need your participation!!

You may be asking, “But Val, how do I do that?“, to which I will of course say, “Can you narrow that down a little bit?!?” and you’ll just shrug your shoulders in annoyance. But no, seriously… Participating and getting involved with Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous is quick, easy and completely free and can be done regardless of your membership status. If you want to become a member (which we strongly suggest you do!), it’s as simple as filling out this registration form.


Just because you’re not a member doesn’t mean you can’t connect with and participate on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous. The first thing I strongly suggest you do is consider going from non-member status to member status. But if you’re just not ready to commit yet, check out the following ways that you can join in the fun!

Of course, you can get so much more out of the site by becoming a member, but until then, these are the ways that you can start participating and getting in on some of the action. To learn about all the benefits of becoming a member, be sure to check out this tutorial and if you’d like to know more about membership on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, explore the site and take some of our other tutorials to see if we’re the right site for you.

Check back soon to see all the ways you can participate on and stay connected with Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous. Thanks for reading and can’t wait to see you on the site!

Cheers & Respect,
Valerie Rayne
The Administrator

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