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#SpruzOwners – Resources, Tutorials and Modifiers, Oh My!

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Spruz, the site that provides Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous with a place on the web, allows you to build an online social community that is easy to use, easy to build and (I know I’m a little biased) a heck of a lot of fun! Spruz Owner’s will know that there are a few limitations with the system, but I’m here to save the day – okay, it’s not actually me, it’s a Spruz buddy of mine, but I”m telling you about it, so really, it’s me…

If you know anything about CSS or HTML (and even a little if you don’t), Randya over at SpruzStuff has been hard at work creating all sorts of modifiers, resources and tutorials for us Spruz Owner’s to really make the best of our sites. He has worked tirelessly at finding out all the ways that you can have more control over your social network and let me tell you, you will be surprised at all of what you can do.

Today, I’d like to highlight some of the great content available on SpruzStuff. Randya does this all for us and we are truly and absolutely thankful to him for it!

Custom Modifiers

As a Spruz Owner, we can change the way our sites appear using Custom Modifiers. Some are pre-loaded into each theme and you can turn them on or off, or you can add your very own. First, we strongly suggest you check out the instructions on how to use custom modifiers and then see some of our favorites:


Plugins give you even more advanced functionality on your Spruz-powered website. For a one time cost, you get all the code and instructions you need to take your site to a whole new level. We are dying to try these plugins and hope to implement them in our impending upgrade.

  • News Letter Checked at Registration | View the Demo
    Check the box for your Newsletter by default when members register for your site. Excellent way to improve member return visits!
    Price: $4.00 USD

  • Message Alert in Real Time | View the Demo
    This plugin displays an alert when a message is received in real time, much like Facebook.
    Price: $15.00 USD

  • Friend Feed in Real Time | View the Demo
    This Plugin displays your friend feed as an element on your main pages instead of your my feed page. It also updates in real time.
    Price: $20.00 USD

SpruzStuff offers tons more than just custom modifiers and plugins. You can also get advice from other members, share your site, and watch tons of tutorials to make your experience as a Spruz Owner an easier one. I highly recommend Randya as an invaluable resource when I’m trying to figure things out for our site. Check out the links below to learn more about Spruz!

Discover More…


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