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The other day on Twitter, we sent out the following tweet to our members:

Well now that everyone’s had a chance to check their email, let’s see what was inside of it, shall we?

Hey All! 

If you’re getting this email, it’s because you haven’t been back to Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous in awhile. We just wanted to take a few moments of your time to show off some of our highlighted content and invite you to head on back to the site and check it all out and also let you know about how you can continue to get the best updates on your favorite social networks.

As a member, you can: Check Out What You’ve Missed

Featured Member – luvs2

If it’s been awhile since you’ve been here, you didn’t notice that our Featured Member has changed. Back in August, we updated everyone about Becoming a Featured Member and how you could do it to. The first member to complete all the steps (there’s only 4, so don’t worry), was the blogger Rawdewd, known to us as luvs2.

luvs2, whose had an interest in adult blogging for about 10 years and who is also an avid nude model runs his blog here:

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We’re Talking About…

Groups You Should Know About…

The Official Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous Group

If you want the latest and greatest updates from Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous, the ones that are most important to you as a member, check out this group!

For Women Only

If you’re a women (even if you identify as a woman), you are welcomed to join this group where we’re talking about all things girlie. Makeup, hair, genitals and more!

Erotic Writers

If you write erotically-themed fiction, poetry, music or other forms of literary art, we invite you to join the Erotic Writers group filled with advice, tips, challenges and inspiration!

Tutorials to Take…

The following tutorials will help you navigate your way around Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous. Be sure to check out A Top 10 Introduction to see the first 10 things we strongly suggest every new member does and then check out the tutorials to find out how to do it!

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One final thing:

If you’re ever experiencing issues around the site, please visit our Support forums or send us a message to let us know about it.

Also, don’t forget to change your settings to allow email broadcasts to get a monthly update of what’s happening around the site sent directly to your email inbox!

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to reply with your thoughts!

So now, as we mentioned in the tweet above (follow us!), if you’re a member on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous be sure to visit the site and check your inbox, which you can access from the right side of the page. If you’re not a member, please be sure to check out the links above* and below and find out how you can register today!

Discover More…

* Some of the links appearing in the email portion of the post above are accessible to members of Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous only.

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