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I was thinking today about all the places that you can currently find Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous-related news and updates. There are quite a few of them when we really think about it, so today, I wanted to narrow down for you the top 4 places on the web to be sure to get all of our latest news, updates and more! Check out where we’re most active:

  1. Twitter

    If you’re on Twitter, we strongly suggest you follow @LBAnonymous. Most of our content is automatically streamed straight to Twitter including this blog and our Tumblr blog. We also post our favorite reads, it’s one of the fastest ways to get in touch with us and we’ll send out reminders to come back to the site every couple of days.

    For those of you who want the Twitter updates in a more readable format, you can check us out on Twylah to see our trending tweets and more!

  2. Facebook

    Our Facebook is frequently updated and we love to share content from all the great people we follow including Dr. Gloria Brame (of Seriously Sexual) and Dr. Jenn Gunsallus (of Dr. Jenn’s Den). You’ll also get all the latest blog posts from all of our blogs, updates regarding the site and special information just for our members, such as little known facts about Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous.

  3. Google+

    Yet another social network!! If any of you use Google+, we’d love to be circled. Google+ is the most official social network to get all the news from this blog, Updates from the Head Blog-A-Holic. Again, we’re big fans of sharing hidden gems here and while it’s currently less active than the previous two, we plan to pick that up in the next month or two as things begin to slow down elsewhere in our lives.

  4. The Official Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous Group

    For the updates you really need to know about, as a member or a potential member of the site, this is the group you need to refer to. It’s been in the Spotlight for exactly this reason. You’ll get rundowns of the most important updates around the site including platform updates and content updates and behind the scenes information about new releases and additives to the Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous Mix!

Whichever social network you’re most comfortable with, chances are, Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous is on it! These are the most frequently updated and hottest sources for our greatest news and we’d love to be followed, liked and circled the heck out of. So go ahead and add us today!!

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