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Erotic Writers

Group Category: Blogging-Related | Sex-Related | Location Based | LBA Official

Group Description:

If you are a writer of adult-themed fiction, whether they be stories or poems, join this group to connect with other erotic writers.

This Group was put in the Spotlight because…

The Erotic Writers Group is being featured in the spotlight today because we’d love to begin connecting with other erotica writers. We know you’re out there!!  In the Erotic Writers Group, you’ll find inspiration and erotic writing tips as well as writing challenges hosted by our members.

As more members join, we have plans to begin posting daily writing prompts for those who want to keep their creative juices flowing. We’d also like to start doing round-ups of our favorite erotic writing from our members, so Share Your Writing now! And finally, in the coming months we will be releasing the Erotic Writers Award for writing that we really love. Don’t be scared to jump right in and begin sharing your work and connecting with other writers in the group.

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Erotic Writers Group

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2 comments on “The Erotic Writers Group

  1. […] there has been a lot of action coming from The Erotic Writers Group, which has been spotlighted on our blog before. Created on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous almost two years ago, this group has begun extending […]

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