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Back in December, Spruz went through a major platform update that included the addition of the Discussion feature. There is currently talk regarding this discussion feature replacing the forums, but for now, Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous is running the two features in tandem. The new Discussion features 3 topics that we strongly believe every new member needs to know about, as soon as they join Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous. They include:

Known GlitchesKnown Glitches

During some of the past upgrades, we’ve noticed a few glitches around the site. All of these glitches should be ignored, because they are false. They include glitches when sending member messages, adding videos and photos and a few other things. Again, these glitches are false and we are just letting you know that!

In these glitches, the system reports that the message is undeliverable. But moments later, everything you’ve posted is available for users to see. So, just ignore these messages. If you do notice that they’re happening on more places on the site than what we’ve listed or that they are causing real problems, please let us know here.

Confirmation EmailsConfirmation Emails

Another issue we’ve noticed is that some members haven’t received confirmation emails, which you need to receive before you can get access to all the members only areas of the site. No fear though! If it’s been 48 hours since you registered and you still haven’t received your email or if it’s been awhile since you registered and you’ve come back to the site and try to resend the confirmation email and it doesn’t work, simply fill out our contact form and let us know that you’re having an issue and we will manually approve your email for you.

Please allow up to 48 hours for us to correct the issue, at which time we will email you and let you know that your account is now running efficiently.

Report an IssueReport an Issue

If you ever have issues around the site, whether it’s a problem with another member, an issue with one of the features or anything else pertaining to Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous, we strongly advise that you report it to us. Any issues you have can either be reported in this discussion, or you can send us a message using this form, just be sure to specify that it’s a Support issue.

Again, allow up to 48 hours for your issue to be addressed.

There are, of course, many more discussions for you to check out on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous. From blogging tips to discussions on sexuality and more, the possibilities are endless for the discussions we’ll be having. And while the forum still exists, head on over and participate in the discussions there too!

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