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The biggest mission Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous is on, is to really connect other adult bloggers with one another. We believe that a great way to start the discussion between bloggers is to have them read each other’s blogs. So on the site, we offer a wide variety of ways for you to share your blog and your individual blog posts, extending your possible readership.

Promoting your blog is essential to maximizing the amount of people who are going to read it. Now if you’re one of those bloggers who has a private blog or doesn’t want a huge readership, than you obviously aren’t going to be promoting your blog, but for those of us who enjoy seeing our views climb, promotion is paramount.

There are a million places on the web that will teach you how to promote your blog, regardless of which niche you write for. Our top resource, as we’ve promoted on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous before, is Problogger.net. You really can’t get any better than this. Especially if you go back in the archives a little bit. You can even learn more than just about promotion, including monetization and content creation. But today, we’d like to focus on how you can use Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous to your promotional advantage.

We offer a total of 7 different areas on the site that are aimed specifically at allowing you to promote your blog, and it won’t cost you even a single penny. On the following pages of this tutorial, we’ll show you each of the places that you can promote your blog and how you can use the feature. We’ll also walk through each of the rules that apply to these features that may be relevant to your link sharing. So please, carry on reading and then head over to Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous and start promoting your blog or website FREE!

Promotion Location #1 –

The Link Directory

Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous Link Directory Categories

Link Directory Categories

One of my favorite places to promote my own links is the Link Directory. This feature will capture a screenshot of the link you provide and you can write your own description and add your own tags. Then, other members can visit your site, comment on it and see what others are saying about your site.

We encourage member’s to add their links to their blogs in the correct category and reserve the right to move your blog to the correct category at our discretion. As you can see by the image at left, there are a wide variety of categories for you to post to and you can pick whichever one you feel is appropriate. It will only be moved if we believe that it doesn’t fit in that category.

We even welcome you to come back to the links you post on the directory, and add follow up information like new posts or site updates. Your links will be viewable to the general public, but only member’s will be able to comment on your links.

Learn how to add your links in this tutorial.

Promotion Location #2 –

Your Profile

Technically, there is more than one place on your profile that you can promote your blog. The first is from the question’s you filled out at registration and can also access through your profile settings (learn more). You are asked if you write a blog, so if you do, add your URL here.

Custom Text Box Profile Application

Custom Text Box Profile Application

You can also add applications that will allow you to promote your blog. For instance, you could add a custom text box, promoting not only your blog but also your presence across social networks, your RSS feed, or other profiles that you have online that may pertain to your blog (see my profile). You can also create a Widgetbox widget that will stream your RSS feed directly to your profile.

If you write a blog on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous, you can add the Blog Preview application, to show your most recent posts on the blog. There is also the ability to add links to your blog posts as part of your status updates, which appear on your profile as well as in your friend’s feeds.

The final application that you could promote your blog with is through the Comment Box app. Every time you add a new blog post, add your link to your comment box, with a short quote from or description of your post. While this is not the intended purpose of the comment box application, it will work!

Learn how to customize your profile with this tutorial.

Promotion Location #3 –

The Forums

In the For the Bloggers section of the forums, we offer 3 different spots for you to promote either your entire blog or just the posts that you want to highlight. They include:

For the Bloggers Forum - Promotion Options

For the Bloggers Forum – Promotion Options

Promote Your Blog!
Come show off your blog here! Tell us about your blog, why we should check it out and what we can expect to see. Don’t forget to add the URL!!

Get Feedback
If you want to receive some constructive criticism, either on your blog overall or on individual posts, you can ask for some feedback here. If you’re looking for feedback on specific things, be sure to ask specifically. For instance, if you wanted to know if people liked your navigational setup, ask them about that specifically.

Post Spotlight
There are two ways that you can use the Post Spotlight forum. You can either post your blog as the main topic and then follow up with new posts as replies to that topic or you can post just the entry that you would like to highlight. Either way, remember to draw people to your blog by letting them know what to expect and how to get there.

But that’s not all! You can even create your very own forum signature, with a link to your blog, so that every time you post a discussion, you can have your blog show up with your name. I’ve found this feature especially useful, even more so if your blog has a banner or some type of image to go along with it!

Learn more about the forums with these tutorials.

Promotion Location #4 –

The Discussions

One day, the discussions feature will replace the forums altogether¹. And much like the forums, we’ve given you a place to promote your blog on the discussions as well. In the Promote Your Blog! discussion, add your blog information and then every time you update your blog, come back onto that discussion and share the link to your new post.

Green = YES, Red = NO

Green = YES, Red = NO

The rules for both the Forums and Discussions features are the same. All posts must be in English, they must include a title and they must be placed in the correct category. We don’t want your blog promotion ending up in our Social Media Tips discussions, for example. However, if you end up placing it in the wrong category, we will manually move it for you and let you know about it through your member inbox.

Learn more about the discussions in these tutorials.

Promotion Location #5 –

The Groups

There are a number of ways that you can use the groups to promote your own blog. The first one is to join a group and begin participating in discussions. The more active you are on the site, the more likely other people are to click on your profile and learn more about you, and by extension, your blog. If your blog is relevant to a discussion, or a specific post is relevant, you are more than welcome to post a link to your blog in group discussions. But…

Make a Group Link

Make a Group Link

You can also create a fan club just for your blog!! Create a group, let your blog readers know about it, tell them to check it out and use it to promote your blog. Some ideas for things to post in your group include any changes you’ve made around your blog, new posts, and you can even get feedback from readers and inspiration from them as well.

Learn more about the groups in these tutorials.

Promotion Location #6 –

The Blog

Become a Top Blogger

Become a Top Blogger

The blog on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous is a great place to promote your blog as a whole, or just specific posts. From link roundup posts, to an introduction to your blog, to an excerpt from a post you want to highlight, we are pretty lenient when it comes to what you can and cannot promote on the site.

In accordance with our community guidelines, all content on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous is subject to the approval of the administrator (that’s me!), and so, if there’s ever a chance you think something of yours was unjustly removed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and let me know. The only thing that we don’t allow is porn (that means, absolutely no penetration!) and we ask that you don’t spam us. That’s it! So, it’s pretty wide open for you to promote your blog wherever on the site you feel most comfortable.

Learn more about adding a blog post in this tutorial.

Promotion Location #7 –

The Events

Type of Event Options

Type of Event Options

If you run events on your blog, like giveaways or contests, writing prompts or something else that is time-related, we welcome you to add events to our calendar. You can add links back to your blog or even to a post pertaining to the event, maybe something that includes additional details about the event. Users can then RSVP to your event and comment on it when you open the event up for commenting.

Learn more about adding events in this tutorial.

There you have it! 7 different ways that you can use Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous to promote your blog and/or specific blog posts. So now readers, I’d like to know if you’ve tried any of these methods and if you have, which one is your favorite? Have you promoted your blog in multiple places on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous? Let us know what you think about promoting your blog on a social network geared towards adult bloggers and their readers in the comments below!

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¹Read about the forums/discussion changes that will eventually take place on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous.


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