[LINKS] 6 Great Sex Blogs to Follow on Tumblr

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Tumblr (Photo credit: Adam Crowe)

During our time on Tumblr over the last few months, we’ve come across some really great blogs, that we would love for you to check out and maybe follow if you feel so inclined. These are the blogs that we simply can’t get enough of, that we’re always reblogging from, and that we are madly in love with!


  1. Old Erotic Art

    I am such a huge fan of this Tumblr. There is so much artwork of an erotic nature, from so many different sources and of such great quality, that it’s no wonder they made the top of this list. You’ll get everything from comics, vintage artwork, sketches, and even foreign works, which always seem to be way more erotic than anything else! In our post The Best of Our Tumblr Blog, a majority of the images were provided by Old Erotic Art.

  2. Sex+

    I’m a really big fan of Laci Green, regardless of where she is or what she does. I was very excited to see her join the Tumblr crowd and her blog is proving to be really amazing. Not only are you going to get some great sexually positive posts, you also get a lot of wonderful body positivity posts that can lift your spirits in an instant and it’s just another way to stay connected with a great sex educator.

  3. fuck yeah sex education

    Another great provider of quality sex education in the Tumblr crowd. I absolutely love this blog and always look forward to what I can learn next. Some of my favorite posts from this Tumblr are questions that readers submit, because it’s always interesting to see what’s on the mind of today’s sex-havers.

  4. Leather Archives & Museum

    I’m really loving the artwork that this Tumblr puts out. Lots of beefed up guys, proudly wearing leather, and the artwork is truly amazing stuff. You’ll also get tidbits of great history on the leather lifestyle.

  5. Uncutting

    Male circumcision is the discussion you’ll find happening on Uncutting. This blog is brought to us by a young guy who had his foreskin removed and is trying his damndest to get back what was his. He walks us through what it’s like to try to restore your foreskin and why we shouldn’t be removing them in the first place.

  6. Busty Girl Comics

    I would not put me in the category of busty girl, but I still get a kick out of these great comics. It makes you very aware of the problems that face that busty girl. I remember hearing somewhere that there was a comic coming out for the girls with the less than busty variety of breasts, but I can’t seem to find that post now.

So, there’s 6 of the blogs that we’re currently in love with on Tumblr and we invite you to check them out and follow them. They all offer great content, on a regular basis and they are the best ones we know of! Tell us in the comments if there’s a Tumblr that we’ve missed that you think should be on this list!


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8 comments on “[LINKS] 6 Great Sex Blogs to Follow on Tumblr

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  3. I have been seeing a lot of Laci Green recently. She is such a great talker! I watched her present two sides of an argument in two different videos and each video was very convincing, even if one was a little bit hard to agree with. Anyway, great list!

    • From what we’ve heard, Laci just recently partnered with Planned Parenthood to do a bunch of sex-positive projects, so that’s probably why you’ve been seeing so much of her lately. She really is such a great talker and she’s very engaging. I love that she’s educational but playful, so it doesn’t really feel like you’re learning anything. But at the end, you just feel smarter! Was the video that you’re referring to her PREGNANT… now what? series – if it wasn’t, I totally think everyone should check out those videos, because they’re amazing! She gives you a scenario in which you are young and pregnant, you get to hear all your choices and then you vote for the one you would choose – it’s totally awesome and a great use of YouTube!

      Thanks so much – we’re hoping to do another one of these soon, because seriously there are so many good Tumblr-ers out there, so look forward to that in the near future 😉

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  5. I have seen some good erotic sensual pics on – sensual-sutra.tumblr.com

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