Highlights from the Community Guidelines

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The Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous Community Guidelines have been created to ensure that our social network remains a safe, comfortable and friendly atmosphere  in concordance with our Mission Statement. In this post, we’ll highlight the points that you NEED to know about before becoming a member.

Point #1 –

The Guidelines and The Administrator

Interpretation of the guidelines are at the discretion of the Administrator of Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous, Valerie Rayne.

The Administrator retains the right to deactivate accounts at her sole discretion

Photographic content is at the sole discretion of The Administrator, and may be deleted with or without warning to you. If you think a photo has been deleted in error, please contact Valerie Rayne.

Point #2 –

Membership IS Free BUT, You Need to Meet Some Requirements

  • All members must be 18 years of age or older
  • Members understand that the content on this website is intended for a mature audience
  • Members must have an interest in adult blogging, whether it’s reading adult blogs or writing adult blogs
  • Members must fill out all the required questions on the registration form
  • Members who appear to be using Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous for sexual hook-ups (see the Codes of Conduct), will be denied membership

Point #3 –

English, Titles and Categories When Using Features

Feature: Blog

  • All posts to the blog must be in English
  • All posts must contain a title
  • All posts should be placed in the correct category. If you do not see an appropriate category, please visit the Suggestion Box and let us know.

Feature: Forum

  • All posts must be in English
  • All posts must contain a title
  • Discussions should be placed in the proper category

Feature: Discussions

  • All posts must be in English
  • All posts must contain a title
  • Discussions should be placed in the proper category.

Feature: Videos

  • Add your video to the correct category
  • Include a title and description about your video

Point #4 –

If You’re Planning on Creating a Group

  • Group Owners/Moderators are responsible for managing their groups in concordance with these guidelines
  • Groups which are inactive for 3 months will be deleted

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